Students are issued an MTSA email address upon acceptance. Students are expected to check their MTSA email account on a routine basis. Failure to respond to emails from MTSA faculty and staff within two MTSA business days is considered unprofessional conduct, which is addressed in the Standards of Conduct

Utilizing Informacast Connect technology, a mobile phone will be used to receive urgent messages from MTSA administration.

Every student must also have reliable access to a personal portable/laptop computer equipped with video web camera capability for video conferencing and for completion of scholarly papers and presentations.

Each student will also be required to have reliable high-speed internet access to attend online courses, complete online assignments and conduct research. The entire MTSA campus has free wireless access for students. There is substantial bandwidth available that will allow all students to be able to use their laptops for coursework, conferencing, and exams.  

Wireless printing stations are also located on campus for student use. Students have free printing privileges for research and coursework needs

Microsoft Office 365 applications are the current standard at MTSA. Microsoft Office applications are available for download by accessing and, signing in with your MTSA email address and password. These applications can be installed on Macs, PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. Synchronous events will utilize the Microsoft Teams application that can be downloaded to any device.