Acute Surgical Pain Management Fellowship Advisory Committee


The Acute Surgical Pain Management Fellowship Advisory Committee provides oversight to the ASPMF. The Council reviews the development of the Fellowship, evaluations of the Fellowship, and makes decisions regarding admissions of Fellows.


The Advisory Committee is comprised of the Fellowship Program Director, who serves as Faculty Chair, the Fellowship Assistant Director, a recording secretary, five invited members, and invited guests.

The five invited members of the Advisory Committee must meet two of the following qualifications: 

  • Recognized expert in ultrasound and/or acute pain management 

  • Former ASPMF Graduate 

  • Current ASPMF Faculty 

  • Demonstrated scholarship in ultrasound and/or acute pain management 

These members are appointed by the Program Director and will serve alternating 2-year terms.

Frequency & Length of Meetings

Bi-annual meetings, as well as ad hoc meetings, are conducted through Teams. To make amendments to this charter, a quorum of voting members is required, along with the attendance of the Faculty Chair.

Record Keeping

The recording secretary will take minutes for each meeting. All records are maintained by the recording secretary and uploaded into Teams.

Representatives to Other Bodies

The Fellowship Program Director will represent the Advisory Committee in all other MTSA Committees.

Committee Responsibilities

Committee responsibilities include: 

  • Ensure the fellowship represents the mission, vision, and values of the Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia (MTSA) 

  • Verify the fellowship meets accreditation requirements set forth by the Council on Accreditation (COA) 

  • Evaluate programmatic and curriculum changes brought forth by the Director and Assistant Director of the ASPMF  

  • Assess qualifications and approve applicants for the ASPMF and DNAP-C Regional track  

  • Review course and program evaluations; make recommendations based on participant feedback 


The ASPMF Advisory Committee reports to the Nurse Anesthesia Program (NAP) Council. This committee is responsible for providing updates on initiatives and evaluation outcomes. The Faculty Chair will relay feedback from the NAP Council to the committee for resolution. The ASPMF Advisory Committee shall also convene ad hoc meetings of a Progressions Committee and Appeals Committee as needed.