Admission Criteria

MTSA enrolls up to 12 accepted applicants into the new cohort for the 12-month Fellowship program twice a year, beginning in January and September. All applications for the Fellowship program must be submitted to MTSA before the application deadline.

After the application deadline, the applicants are reviewed based on the following requirements, to determine which applicants will receive an invitation to interview.

Fellows will have current CRNA certification granted by the NBCRNA. Additionally, Fellows will demonstrate successful completion of one introductory ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia course or workshop and one advanced cadaver-based workshop within the last 3 years.

Fellows will also show evidence of HIPPA and OSHA training in the last year through their current practice facility or offered via another facility.

Fellows will show evidence of personal health insurance either through their place of employment, or private insurance. Fellows are responsible for the costs of tests, treatment, and follow-up care for any accidents, injury, or illnesses that occur while enrolled in the Acute Surgical Pain Management Fellowship. Fellows are not entitled to worker’s compensation benefits in facilities outside of their employment.

Professional liability coverage to complete the clinical portion of the curriculum will be contingent upon state liability requirements for the respective clinic sites. Proof of insurance is required for each Fellow prior to clinical rotations. MTSA will assist in obtaining a temporary malpractice insurance policy through AANA insurance services or the Fellow may obtain these services through a private entity. Please note that malpractice insurance must be an occurrence-based policy. A one-million-dollar occurrence with a three-million-dollar aggregate must be the minimum liability amounts obtained with this policy. The Fellowship has the right to amend these requirements based on participating facility requirements for malpractice insurance.

In addition to the application, applicants must submit the following:

  • Application and Fee via NursingCAS
  • RN License
  • APRN License
  • NBCRNA Certification (must be current with expiration date displayed)
  • AANA Membership
  • Current CV
  • Personal Essay: An approximately three-page, double-spaced essay describing: the applicant’s current work environment, individual goals for the Acute Surgical Pain Management Fellowship, level of administrative support, and the manner in which successful completion of the fellowship will impact their personal practice
  • 3 Reference forms completed (via NursingCAS): Three letters of reference are required and include one each from a current: 1) professional peer, 2) CRNA supervisor, and 3) Chief Medical Officer of Anesthesia Group
  • Proof of Personal Health Insurance
  • Proof of completion of Basic and Advanced Ultrasound-Guided Workshops **

** A Basic and an Advanced Ultrasound-Guided course are required pre-requisites of the Acute Surgical Pain Management Fellowship and must be completed prior to entry into the Fellowship and been earned within the last five (5) years. A Basic Ultrasound course consists of didactic and hands-on ultrasound scanning instruction for upper and lower extremity regional blocks with or without a cadaveric component for a minimum of 8 hours. An Advanced Ultrasound course qualifies as a prerequisite if the course involves advanced instruction in truncal regional blocks on a cadaveric model. The Advanced course should also contain didactic and hands-on needling and scanning instruction on a cadaveric specimen(s) for a minimum of 8 hours.