Wellness Initiative

The Wellness Initiative started in 2019 to help improve student lives through various dimensions of wellness. The Wellness Initiative Team includes several MTSA staff members and two students from each currently enrolled Practice Doctorate cohort.  

Students have access to a website run by the Wellness Initiative Team, through Teams and the student portal. Team members curate information and resources related to the following dimensions of wellness and post them to the site.  

  • Physical Wellness 

  • Mental Wellness  

  • Spiritual Wellness  

  • Academic/Occupational Wellness 

  • Safety  

  • Community 

The Wellness Initiative Team also plans several student events each year. Past events have included a crock pot lunch with meals that can be made for less than $10, hosting a coffee bar for the students before finals week, providing ice cream for students, and a Wellness Fair for students to spend time with their classmates and MTSA staff and faculty and relieve stress as they start clinical rotations.