In keeping with its philosophy of offering a program of the highest quality, MTSA continually evaluates its educational program via its institutional effectiveness process and reserves the right to make changes in the policies, curriculum, or practicum at any time including any fees or costs related to these changes.  

The MTSA Student Handbook is updated annually. However, items in the handbook may change between publications. Such changes are expected to be minimal. Students will receive notification of these changes and are expected to abide by them. 


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Change(s) Made

Date change made/approved Name of policy/page changed and link to it Brief description of the change(s) made


Honor Code Updated language to incorporate current processes.  Changed "incorporate" to "integrate".
4/16/2024 Wellness Initiative Archived page
4/16/2024 School Life & Wellness Committee Combined School Life Committee and Wellness Initiative - Committee description updated
4/16/2024 Student Appeals Some content was reorganized within the policy to the appropriate order.
3/20/2024 Changes to Handbook Statement (See top of Updates page) Changes to handbook statement added to the top of the Updates page - first page of PDF version of the handbook
2/8/2024 Accommodations Requests  Added procedural language (taken from NBCRNA procedure)
2/8/2024 Medical Malpractice Disclosure  New page added
2/8/2024 Late Work Policy New policy
2/5/2024 Student Services Goals Updated list 
1/16/2024 Accommodations Requests  Removed duplicate statement & updated language to include a statement about complying with ADA regulations.
1/11/2024 Prayer Requests Removed page - Prayer board no longer used in classroom
1/11/2024 Fitness Center Updated language to match current processes.
12/13/2023 Grading Policy (DNAPC & ASPMF) Changed rounding statement to "no grades, including final grades, will be rounded up."
12/13/2023 Honor Code Updated to match current processes
10/17/2023 Student Lines of Communication Corrected discrepancy in the expected response time to MTSA staff and faculty correspondence.
10/10/2023 Mission & Purpose Mission and purpose updated to reflect changes to Fellowship curriculum.