Student Representation in Committees Policy

Policy Number: 
2000, 2003, 2006, 2009, 2014, 2018
2000, 2003, 8/07, 1/09, 3/14, 2016, 8/18, 10/20

Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia has students from each class as full members on major committees within the School. In these committees, they have full voting rights afforded to any member of the committee. Students are selected for a term that includes the full period of time they are in school at MTSA.

The students nominate their class representatives on these committees, which are taken to NAP Council for confirmation. As sensitive issues about individuals and situations are likely to occur in many of these meetings, students are expected to keep within the committee those things discussed in the committee, keeping personal issues confidential.

Alternates to each position are selected as each student may be unable to come to the School due to distance, clinical, work, or call obligation. In these instances, an alternate is asked to serve, if available. Every effort is made to have a student representative available if decisions are to be made that may affect any student’s progression in the School.

Student representatives serve as full voting members on the following committees:

Practice Doctorate Program:

  • Progressions Committee
  • Practice Doctorate Admissions Committee
  • Appeals Committee
  • School Life Committee
  • Information Technology Committee
  • AANA Meeting Representatives
  • TANA

DNAP Completion Program:

  • Progressions Committee
  • DNAP Completion Admissions Committee
  • Appeals Committee