Student Lines of Communication

Policy Number: 
7/13/16, 9/2021, 9/2022, 10/17/2023
7/13/16, 10/20, 6/21 9/21, 9/20/2022, 10/17/2023

Email is the official form of communication between students and MTSA, unless otherwise indicated on a class syllabus. This is how a student will be updated on policies, procedures, and items related to degree requirements.

Students are issued an MTSA email address and are expected to check their email on a routine basis. No other email account may be used for official communication with the school. 

Failure to respond to emails from MTSA faculty and staff within two MTSA business days is considered unprofessional conduct, which is addressed in the Standards of Conduct.

In emergency situations only, text messages will be sent from the school’s emergency management software to students’ cellphones to keep them informed of the situation.

There are times when the students may not be able to talk directly with the Program Administrator as quickly as they may wish or may be uncomfortable talking to specific administrators. The following is an attempt to assure that students continue to have open lines of communication for issues they may perceive as problematic.

Should students find there are School-related issues they wish to address, the Program Administrator is the first person to whom students should address these issues. If the Program Administrator is unavailable, the following faculty members are able to address these concerns: the Faculty Mentor/Advisor to whom the student is assigned, the Assistant Program Administrator, or the Executive Vice President. If the issue involves an area other than academic, or students do not feel comfortable or it is not convenient to approach any of these faculty members, then it is entirely appropriate and even encouraged for students to address their concerns and/or issues with any of the MTSA administrators.