Student Complaint/Grievance Policy

Policy Number: 
8/6/18, 8/2019, 9/2022
3/14, 4/15, 7/13/16, 8/18, 8/19, 9/21, 9/20/2022, BOT approved 11/2022

Students have a right to expect that MTSA will treat them with respect, and will abide by the standards set forth in the most current edition of the program’s MTSA Catalog & Student Handbook.

MTSA encourages and welcomes feedback on aspects of its operation. It recognizes the rights of students to express dissatisfaction or make formal complaints about processes or services provided by MTSA. Grievances are formal complaints brought by a student regarding MTSA’s provision of education and academic services affecting their role as a student. A grievance must be based on a claimed violation of an MTSA rule, policy, or established practice. This policy does not limit MTSA’s right to change rules, policies, or practices.

The three categories for grievances are as follows: Complaints, Discrimination / Harassment allegations, and an Appeal of a Committee Decision (such as Progressions Committee or NAP Council)

How to File an Informal Complaint

As a first step, MTSA offers students an informal process to lodge a concern or suggestion. This process allows students to provide MTSA with information or suggestions relating to processes or services provided.

Step 1: Student raises concern regarding a particular service or process with the relevant faculty, staff member, or brings item to the School Life Committee (SLC) to be heard.

Step 2: Faculty, staff member, or SLC will listen to or consider the concern

Step 3: Faculty, staff member, or SLC explores options/implications of resolving the issue, i.e. No action is deemed appropriate

Lodging a suggestion letter to the Executive Vice President

Advising the student to lodge a Formal Written Complaint

Grounds for a Formal Complaint

A student has the right to file a complaint. This MTSA Student Complaint/Grievance Policy is for all issues in which the student believes he or she has been adversely affected. Examples may include:

  • Improper, irregular, or negligent conduct against a student by a faculty or staff member of MTSA; Failure to adhere to appropriate or relevant published MTSA policies and procedures;
  • A decision made without sufficient consideration of facts, evidence or circumstances of specific relevance to the student;
  • A penalty, where applied, is considered too harsh;
  • Failure by MTSA to make a decision within a timely manner, reasonable to the complaint.

How to File a Formal Written Complaint

A complaint must be submitted in writing to the MTSA Executive Vice President using the Student Complaint form, available on the MTSA website or through the Executive Office of Vice President, identifying the student grievant, the respondent individual(s) involved, the incident, the rule/policy/established practice claimed to be violated, and a brief statement of the redress sought. Upon submission of a written complaint, the Executive Vice President will provide the student grievant with written acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint via e-mail, as well as a more detailed outline of the process.

Complaints should be addressed to:

Office of Executive Vice President
Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia
P.O. Box 417
Madison, TN 37116

Withdrawal of Complaint

A student may at any time during the complaints resolution process withdraw a complaint. This is done by putting their intent to withdraw an informal or formal complaint in writing and forwarding it to the Office of the Executive Vice President.

Appeal of a Committee Decision  

Students who are not satisfied with the decisions of the Progressions Committee can appeal those decisions to the Appeals Committee, the highest appellate body in the School. The Appeals Committee has the right to review the entire issue, and may support the Progressions Committee's action or return it to the Progressions Committee for further review.