Stakeholders’ Rights

Policy Number: 
3/12, 7/13
7/12, 8/17

Accrediting Agencies’ Rights

Each accrediting agency with which MTSA has interaction shall expect that MTSA will be open and honest in its presentation of the School. It is expected that the administration will operate the School with the highest level of integrity, performance, and quality, so the accrediting agency and the public which the School serves shall have confidence in its operations.

Affiliating Institutions’ Rights

MTSA maintains many clinical affiliations. Each affiliate site should expect that MTSA will solicit and maintain licensure information, and a pertinent health history on each student such as current TB skin tests and relevant immunizations. Affiliates shall expect that MTSA will instruct its students as to maintaining the privacy of health information of its patients. They shall expect that MTSA will provide basic safety instruction and an orientation related to anesthesia practice, and that MTSA will provide information regarding the outcomes expectations of students at each level.

Faculty and Staff Members’ Rights

Members of the MTSA administration, staff and faculty shall have academic freedom in teaching. This group shall be able to speak, write or act as citizens without institutional censorship or discipline, providing such actions are in harmony with the MTSA Mission, Vision, Values and Goals as found in the MTSA Administrative Manual.

Additionally, administration, staff and faculty must understand that as persons of learning and educational representatives of MTSA, they must remember the public may judge their professions and the institution by their words and acts.

While off campus, yet representing the School (i.e., conventions, seminars, etc.), at all times, administration, staff and faculty should be accurate and show respect for the opinions of others, while abiding by MTSA standards and policies. Special care should be given when personal opinion is shared that may conflict with MTSA standards and/or policies and procedures.

MTSA faculty and staff have the right to be treated with respect by each student, and the student will be held accountable for doing so. Digressions may be reported to, with possible hearing by, the Progressions Committee and/or the President’s Council.

Faculty and staff have a right to the grievance and due process protocol, as listed in the

MTSA Administrative Manual and Faculty Handbook.

Patients’ Rights

Patients have a right to be cared for with the utmost respect by nurse anesthesia students as they are specializing in anesthesia. They should expect that the quality of care will reflect the scope and standards for nurse anesthesia practice, and abide by HIPAA regulations.

Doctoral students that are utilizing any patients or subjects in the course of their scholarly projects must have their project approved by the institutional review board (IRB).

Applicants’ Rights

Applicants have a right to expect that MTSA will follow the most current edition of the MTSA Student Handbook related to admission requirements and processes for the program in which they are interested, with the understanding that there will be updates and revisions at least annually.

Students’ Rights

Students have a right to expect that MTSA will treat them with respect and will abide by the standards set forth in the most current edition of the MTSA Student Handbook applicable to their program of study. Students have the right to a grievance process as described in policy 5.1.102: Students’ Rights: Complaints/Grievances.