Simultaneous Enrollment: ASPMF and DNAP Completion Programs

Simultaneous enrollment into the ASPM Fellowship and the DNAP Completion program is an available option at Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia. This is a 2-year program that involves matriculating through courses outlined in the DNAP Completion program and fulfilling the requirements of the ASPMF during the second year (refer to combined curriculum map). During the second year, courses within the DNAP Completion program are focused on the completion of an Evidence-Based Practice scholarly project. Fellowship faculty, along with DNAP Completion faculty, help guide and develop the DNAP scholarly projects. The purpose of dual enrollment is to make available to practicing CRNAs, academic and clinical skill advancement at a doctoral level. The final outcome of both programs are skilled clinicians in both acute surgical pain management and doctoral academic leadership.

The DNAP Completion and ASPMF each have their own handbooks outlining policies and procedures related to their respective programs. When applying to the DNAP Completion program and ASPMF simultaneously, the application requirements must be completed for both programs and the applicant must undergo the selection, interview, and acceptance process outlined by the handbooks of both the ASPMF and DNAP Completion programs.

Please refer to the DNAP-C Student Handbook for all information regarding DNAP-C courses, grading, appeals, etc. An anticipated schedule for simultaneous enrollment is available by clicking this link.