Nelda Faye Ackerman Learning Resource Center (LRC)

The mission of the Nelda Faye Ackerman Learning Resource Center is to foster the advancement of education, research, scholarship, and professional practice in nurse anesthesia by providing access for Fellows and faculty to the information needed to support and enhance these activities.

The Nelda Faye Ackerman Learning Resource Center (LRC) has a collection of textbooks and anesthesia-specific journals for Fellow use and subscribes to 27 electronic journals that focus on anesthesia and advanced nursing concepts. In addition, the LRC owns 39 electronic books, all with an anesthesia and advanced nursing focus. New editions of these electronic books are purchased as usage statistics indicate. Additionally, a subscription to the Cochrane Library systematic reviews is available to all Fellows and faculty. Each of these electronic resources is available to all Fellows 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A listing of these electronic journals can be accessed at LRC Electronic Resources.

Fellows have full availability to MTSA’s print collection. This collection includes an estimated 300 books, with approximately 200 having a specific focus in anesthesia, and subscription to 25 print anesthesia and nursing related journals. MTSA maintains a 10 year collection of past issues for most of these journals. A link to the LRC's online catalog can be accessed at LRC Online Catalog.

The MTSA LRC maintains consortia lending agreements through the Tennessee Health Science Library Association (THESLA), which consists of over 40 medical librarians across Tennessee. The MTSA LRC maintains additional consortia lending agreements through its membership in the National Library of Medicine’s Freeshare service, whose membership is currently over 1300 participating libraries. The MTSA LRC is also a member of Tenn-Share, a consortium of over 600 Tennessee libraries, museums, archives and information agencies of all types and sizes, and all residents of the state of Tennessee, which works to ensure that all libraries have access to quality information through adequate resources. Tenn-Share seeks to make available to all libraries in the state the resources necessary to meet the information needs of their patrons.

Fellows can order individual copies of articles via interlibrary loan. This request can be submitted online and is usually returned to the Fellow via e-mail. Additionally, the Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Learning Resources is available during normal MTSA business hours, Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. until 6 p.m., as well by telephone and e-mail. Fellows may also schedule a specific time to meet with the Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Learning Resources regarding any individual requests for instruction. To ensure that the LRC services, collections, and resources meet the Fellow and faculty needs, an annual user survey of the Fellows and faculty is conducted to solicit opinions and suggestions.