Grading Policy

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Advancement of each student to the next semester is made by the Progressions Committee, with faculty recommendation, at the end of each semester.

Each advancing student will receive a transcript reflecting academic progress, with current and cumulative GPAs, within one week of the course ending.

The MTSA Grading Scale is based on the following 4.0 grading system:

A = 90-100% (4.0 Quality Points)
B = 80-89% (3.0 Quality Points)
C = 70-79% (0.0-Failing)
F = Below 70% (0.0 – Failing)
I = Incomplete See Grade of Incomplete below
NR Not Reported See Grade of Not Reported below
W = Withdrew See Grade of Withdrew below
WF= Withdrew Failing See Grade of Withdrew Failing below
T= Terminated See Terminated below

MTSA expects that all graduate level coursework should result in a minimum earned grade of “B”. A Final grade of less than 80% for any DNAP-C course will result in dismissal from the program and a referral made to the MTSA Progression Committee by the Program Director for a full review and decision.

Students have the right to appeal decisions of the Progressions Committee by filing an appeal with the Appeals Committee.

Grade of Incomplete (I)

If a student is unable to meet all the requirements of a course by the end of the semester because of circumstances beyond his or her control, a temporary grade of Incomplete (I) may be awarded by an instructor, at the instructor’s discretion.  An incomplete grade requires written understanding between the instructor and student acknowledging when the course will be completed, in the form of the completed Incomplete Contract.   To be awarded an Incomplete grade, the Incomplete Contract must be signed by the student, instructor, and Program Director and submitted to the Registrar’s office by the last day of the semester.

The maximum time limit for submission of all course work necessary for removal of an incomplete is the end of the last day of classes of the following semester in which the incomplete was incurred (i.e. an incomplete awarded in the 2nd semester must be converted by the last day of classes in the 3rd semester).  If the time limit passes and the course is not completed, an unremoved grade of incomplete is changed automatically to a failing grade.  Any failing grade will result in termination from the program.  A grade of incomplete is not calculated in the grade point average. No student may graduate with an Incomplete on their transcript.

Extension of Incomplete Grade

For justifiable reasons, students may petition to extend the 'I' grade past the end of the deadline listed on the contract. Extensions require a new Incomplete Contract. Requests for extensions must be approved prior to the deadline, and the extension cannot be made retroactively.

Special Circumstances: the completion of the doctoral scholarly project may stand as incomplete through the Integrated Application of Evidence-Based Practice course series.   

Grade of Not Reported (NR) (OR NG – No Grade)

This designation of "Not Reported" is given at the end of the semester to courses only when no other grade has been reported.   This grade is not included in a student's GPA calculations. 

If an instructor does not enter grades for a student before the grade entry deadline, the Registrar’s office will post a temporary grade of NR (Not Reported). Once a letter grade is entered, the NR grade will be replaced with the corrected grade as submitted by the instructor.

Withdrawing from a Course

Students may drop a course within the first 72 hours of the semester with no grade.

Grade of Withdrew (W)

Students wishing to withdraw from a course after the first 72 hours will either receive a grade of “W” or “WF.” To receive a W grade, a student must drop the course within the first 60% of the semester. A “W” grade does not impact a student’s GPA.

Grade of Withdrew Failing (WF)

Students wishing to withdraw from a course after the deadline to withdraw with a “W” grade will receive a grade of “WF.” A WF grade is calculated into a student’s GPA as a failing grade (F).

Terminated (T)

An administratively terminated student is issued a final grade of "T" for all courses in which he/she is currently enrolled, and the termination is noted on the student's transcript.