Evaluation of Fellow Coursework

Upon completion of each module, the Fellow will be evaluated according to the assignments within each module. Three (3) courses will be evaluated via summative evaluation in the form of an examination.


Prior to advancement into clinical training, the Program Director will review each Fellow's self- assessment and uniquely tailor the Fellow's individual clinical experiences.

Each mentor will evaluate the Fellow's performance using a standardized rubric. The results of the evaluation will be reviewed with the Fellow and Program Director.

Each Fellow will maintain an e-Portfolio monitored by the Program Director. E-Portfolios will include an ongoing record of acute pain interventions, self-reflection statements related to each module and each unit, and performance evaluations.

Upon completion of each course of the Fellowship, each Fellow completes a written, summative examination. The Fellow will be evaluated during this time by a Faculty Committee.

Fellow Evaluation of the Program

Unit Evaluation

At the end of each unit, Fellows will be encouraged to complete an evaluation of that unit before proceeding to the next unit. Data obtained from the unit evaluations will be used to improve the unit for the next cohort.

Evaluation Data for Fellowship Improvement

Upon completion of the Fellowship, the Fellow will complete an evaluation of the total program. The measurement tool will be a summative evaluation of the Fellowship in its entirety.

Suggestions for the Fellowship to improve issues identified by the Fellows will be discussed and considered by the Fellowship Faculty and Mentors.

At one year upon the completion of the Fellowship, Fellows will be contacted to identify the impact the Fellowship has had on their practice or their facilities. Pointed questions related to the personal goals of the Fellow as identified through the admission process will be asked.