Didactic Information & Course Descriptions

The Fellowship consists of three (3) courses, offered in a 15-week semester format that will be focused on the management of acute pain. The courses include: Principles and Pharmacology of Acute Pain Management, Techniques of Acute Pain Management, and Education, Business and Evidenced-Based Practice of Acute Pain Management. Each course comprises multiple Units broken down into Modules that are clustered around common topic areas.

Fellows will: 1) learn to critically evaluate, and apply, clinical and research evidence as it relates to the management of acute pain; 2) participate in cadaver-based laboratories to improve their understanding of relevant anatomy; 3) facilitate cadaver stations in teaching advanced ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia (USGRA) skills to other CRNAs; 4) learn about, and apply, local, state, and federal policies in order to understand how to become more effective leaders and advocates for acute pain management services in their respective institutions and communities; and 5) review, evaluate, and apply  business, legal, and ethical principles necessary for the development and management of an acute surgical pain management service.

(ASPMF Curriculum Map)