Computer Services

Wireless printing stations are located on campus for student use.

Medatrax Record Keeping Services

The purpose of Medatrax Record-keeping Services is to facilitate maintenance  of clinical record keeping, as well as student evaluations. MTSA arranges with an online data management systems company (currently Medatrax), to allow students to enter and maintain accurate current clinical data, and to allow students to complete anonymous programmatic evaluations.

Online Video Capture & Conferencing

MTSA utilizes current instructional technology as a student support service. The video capture platform and video share technology allows students to interact online and develop a sense of community. Students can interact with each other in real-time using any mobile or desktop device. All classes are recorded when content is provided and sessions can be viewed at the students convenience. Video can also be uploaded and comments, with video placement time stamps, can be posted to create asynchronous student interaction and collaboration for course content and student projects.

Technical Support

MTSA has technical support personnel who are able to be contacted directly on campus as well as by e-mail. Students are encouraged to contact technical support for any problems that originate with the hardware or software related to their academics..

Wireless Internet Access

The entire MTSA campus has free wireless access for students. There is substantial bandwidth available that will allow all students to be able to use their iPad/Microsoft Surface Pro for coursework and exams.