Clinical Case Logs and Clinical Evaluation

Each Fellow will need to record case logs for the regional anesthetics performed in the Fellowship. In order to meet the requirements set forth by the ASPMF and approved by the Council on Accreditation, the fellow will need to document a minimum number of cases in the following regional block categories:

  • Upper extremity: 20 cases
  • Lower extremity: 20 cases
  • Truncal: 20 cases

Documentation of regional blocks needs to be done through recorded video or time-stamped  still images of the ultrasound image for each block recorded in the case logs. All patient identifying information needs to be removed before submitting case logs to the ASPMF for log documentation purposes.  Reporting of case logs can begin on the first day of enrollment into the ASPMF and ends on the last day of enrollment. Fellows not meeting the minimum block requirements can schedule additional training weeks at ASPMF clinical sites in the last 5 months of the program through the Director of the Fellowship.

A written rubric for the clinical evaluation will be provided to the Fellow prior to the Director’s arrival to the hospital. A minimum satisfactory level of 80% will be required in order to meet the ASPMF requirements. Any grade score below 80% will require remediation and another site visit scheduled by the Program Director at a subsequent date.  A mentor at an ASPMF clinical site may serve as clinical evaluator of the Fellow during this final performance evaluation.

Fellows will be required to submit recorded procedural videos for evaluation by the ASPMF Director and Faculty.