Campus Location and Academic/Student Facilities

The MTSA campus has offices and classroom facilities located in Madison, Tennessee. The academic and simulation classes are held on campus. There are three main buildings on campus. Applicants are invited to contact the Admissions Coordinator to make an appointment to visit the School (615-732-7662, 

The Bernard V. Bowen Academic Center teaching facilities include The Center for Simulation, a technological state-of-the-art lecture hall, as well as two seminar rooms for study, small group use, and static simulation classes. The offices of the Program Administrator and the Director, Center for Simulation are located in this building. 

The Center for Simulation houses two realistic operating rooms with three computerized human patient simulators (Two Laerdal SimMan 3G and SimBaby) to enhance both academic and clinical education.

There is also a student lounge in this building, equipped with a dining area, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, ice machine, and vending machines.  Students are responsible for their food, and clean-up of the lounge, and are to notify staff if there is a problem.  Drinks taken out of the lounge must have a cap or lid when going into classrooms.

Practice Doctorate students have mailboxes located at the back of the classroom of the Bernard V. Bowen Academic Center during semesters 1-3.  At the start of semester 4-9, student's mailboxes are moved to a metal filing cabinet within the student lounge labeled by cohort. 

The M.E. "Ikey" Devasher Student Support Center houses the administrative support staff and faculty offices. On the first floor, there are student study rooms, as well as an area designated for a Mother's Room.  The Nelda Faye Ackerman Learning Resource Center is also located on this floor.  The second floor includes the Heritage Room, a small conference room designed with online learning technology.

The Percy T. (P.T.) Magan Building houses a large collaborative classroom that can be divided into 2 separate rooms or divided into multiple small group areas, each with state-of-the-art technology access. The student Learning Resource Center includes a 3204 square foot open space, with individual and group study areas, whiteboards, access to technology for presentations, as well as an adjacent outside covered patio, which is designed for small group interaction and celebration events. An additional area is available for quiet individual and small group study, along with state-of-the-art video conference technology.

The student Learning Resource Center/Library also includes a kitchenette with a dining area, refrigerator, microwaves, dishwasher, ice machine, and vending machine for student body use.  There is additional seating on the back and side patios.  Students are responsible for their food and clean-up and are to notify staff of additional needs.  A copy/print center is also available in the student Learning Resource Center, free of charge.

A school fitness center is also available in this building with 24-hour, secure ID access.  There are separate male and female shower facilities, as well as daily lockers for those using the fitness center. 

The Office of the President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Finance and Administration, and Administrative Personnel are housed in this building. 

Facility Access: During the student’s first semester, students are given electronic keycards which enable secure access to all buildings on campus. For security purposes, all doors to campus buildings are locked 24/7 and require keycard access.

School Hours:  Campus buildings are open Monday - Thursday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Outside of regular operating hours, students may access all buildings using their student ID keycards. 

Wireless Internet Access: The MTSA Campus buildings and the outdoor covered patio areas are equipped with wireless internet service dedicated exclusively to students' use, to enable an entire class to work online simultaneously.  The WIFI password is provided to students during the first semester. 

Parking: Students must use the adjacent parking lots of TriStar Skyline Madison Campus and the Madison Campus Seventh-day Adventist Church. The parking lot behind the M.E. "Ikey" Devasher Student Support Center and adjacent to the Bernard V. Bowen Academic Center is for staff, faculty, and visitors only. There is one handicap spot available in the staff lot for anyone who has a placard or license plate that needs this service. The P.T. Magan building student parking is noted with signage. This parking lot has two handicap spots available.